Flatland  contest master and pro classes


2:00 pm

entrance fee:
visitors: 4 € (3€ with flyer)
master class: 10€
pro class: 15€

perfect conditions for riders:

            *smoothed and painted OSB floor (10m x 20m)
            *contest DJ "Jimmy J. Jackson Junior from Chicago” and “Nick Naughty out of New York”    
            *aftershow party (accsess is included by entrance fee) 
            *accomodation after arangement

"InTeam-Contest" !!

The team contest has delighted riders and crowd in the last two years and will be a highlight of this year’s event as well. In case you don’t know the team contest, here are some details:
You certainly arrive with some friends, buddies of your crew or neighborhood.
And that’s the point. We have created the team contest where you can start with your crew. It doesn’t matter of how many riders the team is built or who is showing the sickest tricks, just one thing counts – the SHOW!
After a ca.4 min ride the audience decides who is going to be the winner of the team trophy and a round of free beer.

So it’s your turn to heat up the crowd with your show!


2:00 pm practice master class
3:00 pm qualifications master class / 2,5 min run each
4:00 pm practice pro class
5:00 pm qualifications pro class / 2,5 min run each
6:00 pm practice of top 8 master class riders
6:30 pm final master class / 3 min run each
7:00 pm practice of top 8 pro class riders
7:30 pm final pro class / 3 min run each
8:00 pm InTeam-Contest / showtime about 4 min each team

00:00 Uhr   award ceremony